The wall didn’t fall

As the doctor stood over me with the needle in his hand,

he said “son when I looked at you 3 years ago, you looked like

a dead man”.

Then he looked at me and said “son you’re a praise report, can

I tell your story?”

I said “yeah and we’re giving God all of the glory”.

Now as I look back to 3 years ago,

If you’d asked me if I was strong, I’d said “no”.

But I’d always been a champion,

If I got knocked down, I’d get up again.

And before they wheeled me to that surgery room, I can still

hear that doctor say,

He looked at me and said “do you mind if I pray?”

My wife my rock she said “no we don’t, in fact we insist”.

I couldn’t ask for a doctor better then this.

He prayed “God I’m just a man,

And I ask that you’ll guide my hands”.

I knew that if these were the last words that I

would hear,

then I would have nothing to fear.

I’ve mixed my faith with those around me, and

we build a wall,

yeah the storms came, but the wall it didn’t fall.

Some bricks were chipped boards were flung to new


But the wall didn’t crumble because of it’s

firm foundation.

During those 3 years I’ve had ups and I’ve had downs,

I’ve had highs and I’ve had lows,

I’ve seen some come and I’ve seen some go.

I’ve felt  weak,  I’ve felt strong,

At times I’ve felt as if this earth is not my home.

there were days when I felt I couldn’t go on any longer,

I was reminded that “what don’t kill you make you


So here I am today, I’ve lived to tell my story,

And I’m giving God all the glory.

I consider myself more than just a lucky fellow,

There’s an angel watching over me, “I love you

baby Ella”.






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