If it’s good e’nuff for the ‘King’

If you’d go to the trophy case at Central Davidson high school, I’m sure that you’ll find a plaque with my name on it. Well maybe it won’t be in the sports case but I’m sure that you’ll find it somewhere in a case or maybe on the wall somewhere even.  Oh yeah I’m sure it’s there somewhere, cause you see I was voted ‘Biggest Bookworm’ in the class of ’78 along with a female counterpart whom I’ll decline to name here due to causing her any further unleashed fame (or shame). Of course this is a title that I’m proud of as a matter of fact I can almost bet that I retired as the only male at Central to ever win that covenant award. “Well Ron what must one to do to win such a prestigious award?” I’m sure that many of you are wondering, glad you asked okay I’ll tell you. During my 4 short years in high school you would never see me without a book. I’m not talking about your  many state mandatory text books that we were forced to be weighted down with back then (and today’s students want to complain about the 2 or 3 books and their “mobil devices” that they’re burdened down with nowadays). If I think hard enough I can remember my first book . My teacher said that books could take me anywhere. (yeah for you movie buffs I borrowed this line from Forrest Gump but remember it was a novel first by Winston Groom). Ever since the day that I cracked the pages of my first ‘Dick and Jane’ I was hooked. next came Dr. Suess thus my love for poetry was born. Then came the Bernstein Bears series by Stan and his wife Jan Bernstein. My childhood was filled with many spare hours reading, while the other kids were out ‘rippin’ and runnin’ I could be found sitting in the house reading and the trend continued into my teen years. I can’t remember all of the books that I’ve read but I can recall a “few” of my favorite please bear with me as I list them here. ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ by Madeleine L’Engle ‘The Cross and the Switchblade’ by a pastor named David Wilkerson, ‘A Clockwork Orange’ by Anthony Burgess, ‘Lord of the Flies’ by William Golding. Even though I had to read this one for an English Lit class the novel ‘1984’ by George Orwell has to be on my favorite list also. Along the same lines as ‘1984’ I have to list ‘Animal Farm’ also by George Orwell ‘The Youngest Hero’ by Jerry B. Jenkins. Even though this is not a book (it should be) because it is listed as the longest poem in history I’ll have to add it to my favorite list ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’. I can’t list my favorite books without mentioning my favorite author Steven King I’ve read more books by this author in my lifetime than by any other author, irony as I was pondering about what words of wisdom to share with my faithful few followers I was reading a book titled ‘Bazaar of Bad Dreams’ a book of short stories by (you guessed it) Steven King (what gave it away? The title). In this book there is a story titled ‘Ur’ in which the synopsis is new technology versus old, mainly the Kindle replacing the good old physical copy. but what makes this so ‘bazaar’ is that I have recently purchased a Kindle myself and have had this exact same thought, which is better the convenience of carrying this small electronic device and being able to simply download any book that you want or old school lugging an actual book and having to painstakingly having to go to the library or driving the many miles to a Barns and Nobles to purchase the latest Steven King novel ( or whomever your favorite author may be). Well even though I’ll always be a fan of the actual physical copy I’ve gotta admit that the Kindle does have it’s advantages which are, you can read while eating or drinking your morning coffee and eating chocolate without worrying about soiling the pages. Cheaper to purchase that latest novel (of course you can wait about a year then you’ll find it at your local Ollies at a low-low discount price). Which I’d recommend if you’re a collector of hard copies. Speaking of collecting hard copies my wife and I spent our 33 anniversary weekend  in Ashville so that we could tour the Biltmore estates. Of all of the grand sights in that entire vast mansion I was most impressed with the library and the book collection made me think, if I’d kept ever book that I’d read how big would my collection be now? But I’ve given many books away because I’m a firm believer that a good book should be shared. As I conclude here I know that along with me there are lots of King fans, so I can’t help but to list a few of MY top 10 by him, #1’The Stand’ #2 ‘It’ #3 ‘Under the Dome’ #4 ‘Cujo” #5 ‘Pet Sematary’ (that’s his spelling) #6 ‘Misery’ #7 ‘The Talisman’ (co-written with Peter Straub) #8 ‘The Dark Half’ #9 ’11/22/63′ (and because it was his first novel that he wrote after his rehabilitation from drugs and alcohol) #10 ‘Needful Things’. So okay with this being written, the debate still remains Kindle book or physical book well throughout the years I’ve had many mistress (with my wife’s knowledge) that has kept me up late many nights, but now there’s one that I can now take to bed, my Kindle, ( it has a light on it). And as always thanks for reading,  gonna go I’ve got a date. Goodnight.