(Poem) Unstoppable

So many times we’re put though the test,

and there are days when we just wanna stop and

take a rest.

So you ask God, could you please give me a break,

and while you’re at it my soul to take.

But that’s not he way that my God works,

he don’t answer prayers of the unwise or even jerks.

Now please don’t take this as an offense,

and tell this man that he’s not making much sense.


Please don’t tell him he knows not what he say,

as you can see he’s standing here with you today.

‘Cause this man has been up and he’s been low,

but he reached out in faith, now he’s unstoppable.

Now some men they hate and some men they curse,

guess they don’t know that bad gets worse.

When they don’t know which way to go,

Well when you don’t know, then you don’t know.


But when they find the true answer and they can see the


and then they come out of the darkness when they’re so used

to walking in the night.

And once they can see and know which way to go,

they’ll realize to that they’ve become unstoppable.








For the last couple of weeks I’ve had so many things on my heart that I’ve wanted to express myself about. I’ve tried hard not to get caught up in the political fiscal, oh yeah I’ve got my options about the new ‘POTUS’ but that’s not my concern because he’s not in charge of my world anyway. Also I had my moment when my favorite team got beat in their first game of the playoffs (again) but hey, football is just a game and I don’t get paid rather they win or lose and no matter what they’ll always be my team. I know that a lot of you didn’t get a chance to read my last column that I wrote for the Dispatch. Since they’ve changed editors and online format they’ve made it impossible to repost articles. I didn’t get much feedback about that article I think maybe because it was a little ‘light hearted’ and not so serious I feel as if people have gotten used to me writing about me and my ‘life story’. But I’ve done that I’ve told all there is to tell, where I was where I’ve been and where I am what more is there to tell. Oh I guess people wanna know where I’m going. Well you know that’s a good question and that’s what I’ve been giving so much thought about these last few weeks. Hey don’t get too excited now, I’m not going to reveal my 3-5 year life plan here. I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot in my short time here, not wealth or material things but doing what I want do in life, reaching out to people hopefully making a difference in someones lives. Every day I thank  God for putting me in the place that I am in my life, please don’t get me wrong every day is not a bed of roses but every day I have the opportunity to let someone see Christ in me. Of course I’ve been asking myself lately is it enough? Have I done enough with what God has given me? Some days I wonder I feel as if I could have done more I could have been nicer I could have  been more considerate. But then again I realize that no matter what, I’m still human I still work with the public, I’m not going to get it right all the time I’m not perfect and you’ll never hear me claim to be. I know that I’m going to miss it sometimes, my “worldly man” is going to expose himself and then all I can do is repent and ask for forgiveness. I’ve been inspired by a few people lately  former President Obama ( do I need to give a reason?) my pastor JB Whitfield ( if you every wanna be inspired listen to this man speak sometimes, I could write a whole session on just his quotes). Also a fellow column writer Kassie Newman read her blogs sometimes (Kassie Nette’s Korner at wordpress.com) she tells it” like it tis”! My brother Don has also inspired me, he is a recovering addict that had to leave his surrounding to get the help that he desperately needed so he’s now residing in Fort Lauderdale Fl. Now believe me he’s not living the glam life there like I said he’s a recovering addict, leaving your family and friends just to get the help you need is hard, but sometimes so necessary to save your life and he’s handled it well. Since he’s went though this program I’ve seen a side of him that I’ve never witnessed before his positive messages in his daily  fb posts are very inspiration. Another person that has inspired me is my son Dallas, he recently revealed his 3-5 year with his mom and I and it’s to be a lead Pastor at a church (not here in NC either). Wow who’d ever thunk it our son leading people to Christ. There’s one more person that I’ve gotta mention before I end this, my wife she has been an inspiration throughout this whole 2 year battle with ( the “c” word). Though all of the physical and emotional roller coasters she still loves me. Ok ok, I know that this has been long and I’ve jumped off tracked several times ( but if you’re a faithful follower of mine then you know that’s the norm for me right?). Now I’m not going to reveal a 3-5 year plan here (which should include retiring from my job) but with the hospital bills that I’ve acquired in these last two years God has got to make a way for that, and I know that he will. My immediate plans tho will be to start on the book that I have put off for so long. I feel like the time is finally right for it. I’m still not sure what format that it will take at this time, I had thought that my 2 year battle would be where I wanted to go ( I even got the title when I logged onto K-Love this morning the song Unstoppable was playing). I’ve also  thought about telling other peoples story by interviewing those that I feel has something to say if only someone would listen. Well it’s a work in progress remember the Devil may have thought that he had me (again) and that I was down for the count, but thanks to Gods grace and mercy I’m UNSTOPPABLE! And once again thanks for reading. “I love you and may God bless”.